Anaxeos Fit NEW Price from €145 to €120!

Anaxeos Fit NEW Price from €145 to €120!


Get the full Anaxeos experience. With Fit, you can:

  • Set activity goals for your buddy and track progress throughout the day. You can decide on your own goals, or go with our recommendations!

  • Record routes and see your walks on a map.

  • Get alerts on the temperature and sound levels around your dog, to keep them safe and comfortable.

  • Track your dog via GPS and see their location on a map, as near to real-time as possible.

The order contains a tracker, a vest to hold the device in place on your dog, a key to turn the tracker on and off, a charging station and an USB cable.

You will need to download the accompanying application from App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android). The application is free of charge and will be available shortly before shipping starts. You will receive an invitation to join the application before you receive your device. The monthly subscription fee (6,99€ (EU) or 7,99$(U.S)) begins when you activate your account in the application.

Please note that pre-orders are available for those using the product in EU or US. We are working hard to get orders open globally soon!

See our pre-order terms and conditions and our privacy policy.

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Free 4-month subscription. Your advantage € 36!